【Rent-a-Cycle】Akita Nairiku Railway

Station, number of bicycles and the time you can rent bicycles
Aikawa sta.    ・・・ 2 bicycles    7:30 ~ 14:30
Aniai sta.     ・・・ 3 bicycles    9:00 ~ 16:00
Yonaizawa sta. ・・・ 4 bicycles    7:00 ~ 15:00
Aikawa sta. / Aniai sta. : June 1st ~ November 4th
Yonaizawa sta. : April 1st ~ November 4th
How to apply
Please apply at the station you want to rent a bicycle from.
※Identification card is required to apply.
Akita Nairiku Railway's website is HERE.
・Please use the Rent-a-Cycle around the station area so you can make sure to return the bicycle on time.
・Elementary school students are only able to use Rent-a-Cycle when accompanied by their parent(s). Please    prepare a suitable helmet on your own.
・You are solely responsible for accidents, stolen bicycles, intentional damage, etc.