【Rent-a-Cycle】Konan Railway

Station, number of bicycles and the time you can rent bicycles
[Konan line] Hirosaki sta.  ・・・ 3 bicycles   6:00 ~ 20:00
[Owani line] Chuo-Hirosaki sta. ・・・ 3 bicycles   6:00 ~ 20:00
April 27th ~ November 30th
 3hour : ¥600 (JPY)
 6hour : ¥1,000 (JPY)
 3hour : ¥500 (JPY)
 6hour : ¥800 (JPY)
How to apply
Please fill out an application form at the station.
※Identification card is required to apply.
Konan Railway's website is HERE.
・Please obey Japanese Road Traffic Law and use the bicycle safely.
・Please lock the bicycle when you leave it unattended. If the bicycle is stolen, in some situations you will be held   liable for compensation.
・If you lose the bicycle's key, you have to pay two thousand yen to make a new key.
・If the bicycle gets a flat tire or the chain breaks and is found to be your fault, or if the company needs to come to  get the bicycle, you have to pay two thousand yen.
・If the bicycle was removed by police for being parked in a forbidden area, you have to pay the cost to recover    the bicycle.
・Konan Railway does not hold any responsibility for injuries or accidents while you use the bicycle. Please use the  bicycle responsibly.