What is "Cycle Train"??

Cycle Train is a service that allows you to bring your bicycle inside the train without folding it or taking it apart.

Many local railroad companies provide this service recently to support travelers to use their railroad service.
The time you can use this service is generally weekends or non-crowded daytimes. This service is sometimes provided for limited periods to facilitate cycle events. Furthermore, some cycle event's course includes use of the Cycle Train.

What is "Rent-a-Cycle"??

"Rent-a-Cycle'' is a kind of Japanese English word.It describes a service in which you can rent bicycles for a short time period.

This service is usually aimed to support travelers to move to the nearby sightseeing site or to move in a city and mainly set at the station.
You can use this service relatively at low cost or sometimes for free, so it's a very reasonable means of transportation.